Ready for a vacation – back to our Bretzelito country

by bretzelitos

2330 in Rambouillet… Off to new spheres in vacation proceedings

Tomorrow, Sven and I, we both will start in an interesting adventure. Going back to our Bretzelito country after moving to France. First, tomorrow, we will go by car to Dasburg, just after the luxemburgisch-german border, the place where Sven will take over driving as he has the license for assisted driving in Germany. That is one of our prime reasons for our car trip through Germany… to let him get experience while driving.

The first city to visit will be Bonn, the home of Sven’s girlfriend Anke. After some days here in the Paris area, it is time to put her home as school restarts next week for her.

Let us have a look how far we get after reaching Bonn… plans are set for Bremen or Hamburg in the northern part of our Bretzelito country.

Time to get up early tomorrow morning!

And off we go!