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916 km – arrived in Bremen City Center

After leaving Sven’s past home area in Niederkassel around 1745 today, we continued on German Autobahn routes towards the north-east. First on A59 passing by CGN airport on which we were able to witness two UPS MD11 landings, then on the A3 which had the usual traffic jams due to accidents and “stupidly driving people” (Quote of Sven) and another 288kms on the A1 after the Leverkusen interchange to reach Bremen around 2130.

We had quite some traffic on the road with additional jams, but it has been not too bad. Sven improved his skills on the Autobahn quite a lot… like judging other people’s potential behaviours, adapting speed by regarding the traffic around and understanding other drivers’ necessities.

Here in Bremen, we found a room in the ATLANTIC GRAND HOTEL for quite a competitive price. After unpacking, we had a fantastic and outstanding dinner in the hotel restaurant, follow by a cigar in the smoking bar next to the restaurant. Around midnight, we both went for a walk through the city centre, but unfortunately we found everything closed.

A nice day with a nice ending in a hotel we did not expect as such. 🙂

We both are looking forward to see the sea tomorrow 🙂

560 km – Bonn, Germany

Sven made his first driving unit from Dasburg to Bonn through the Eifel mountains. So we arrived well around 1700 in Bonn to drop Anke at her parents’ house in Bad Godesberg.Thanks for the mineral water in the garden, it has been highly appreciated as we experience hot weather… 38 degrees, no clouds… thank god that our air conditioning system works well in our car.

Next stop will be Sven’s old home… he needs some short trousers out of the laundry which he did not take with him when moving to France.

Then further on… let us see how far we get today!

438km – Arrived in Germany

After a 438km ride from Rambouillet, we have arrived in Germany, actually in Dasburg which lies in the middle of the Ardennes-Eifel mountain range. Quite clear that Sven is driving now, so I have some time to write a bit here. ALDI DailyFlat is great for that, just EUR 2 per day and a gigabyte free of traffic. I bet I will not use all of it.

The routing we did today has been the standard well-known Luxembourg transition between Paris and the Cologne area. Leaving Rambouillet via N10 northbound. Due to low traffic, we opted for the boulevard peripherique exterieur to join A4 in the direction of Reims. No worries at all, the drive around Paris was uneventful and calm. After reaching the Champagne, we took A34 north-eastbound in the direction of Sedan. After a short national road passing, we entered Belgium near Bouillion. Some more kilometers on national roads and finally also on belgian autoroutes, we arrived in Bastogne. In the middle of the Ardennes mountains, we crossed Luxembourg, not forgetting to fill-up the car for cheap in comparison.

So far up to now, later more. 🙂