A day on the island of Foehr

by bretzelitos

First, excuse me please, no pictures today.


Quite clear… when swimming in the North Sea and sitting on beach sand, you do not use your camera.

After getting up and having an opulent breakfast, we took the ferry boat towards Foehr at 0940. Arriving 50 minutes later, we saw some shops and the bank. So some shovels and a volleyball, not forgetting about some remembering stuff with regards to our visit, changed the owner.

We started to construct some “channel system” in the now dry part of the tidal area. A bit of a reminiscence and nostalgia indeed, as we have done it very successfully several years ago

After some time on the beach, we took lunch at Mehmet’s place and returned quickly to the beach.

In the afternoon, Sven got contacted by three young girls from the island of Foehr. We all kept playing around the wooden harbour pier, pushing us each other into the sea and having a lot of fun. I got into it as well, together with Sven… all harmless and without any worries in any direction.

The weather was perfect for North Sea perception. 23 degrees and cloudy skies with loads of sunny spells. And the water even better… 21 degrees.

We both got a bit of sun tan today, let us have a look how it will be and how we will look like. 🙂

Finally, at 1840, we took the last ship back to Dagebuell to join our hotel after dinner.