Sven and Andreas' vacations – Published for friends at Wordpress :)

1714km – Berlin – Our capital

Wednesday evening, we arrived in Berlin, the capital city of us Bretzelitos, after a nice drive from Hamburg, really well done by Sven.

Today, we did some severe sight seeing. We would like to share a lot of pictures with you about the places we have seen. It has been the Victory Column of the 1871 war against France, the Soviet Memorial of the second world war, Reichstag and Bundeskanzleramt, Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Tiergarten and the Berlin Wall Memorial.

And we have seen the Dark Force 🙂

Have a look!

At the end, when leaving Berlin, we have added up 1811 km… 🙂

1433km – Hamburg – Miniaturwunderland and Harbour

On our way to Berlin, we stopped in Hamburg to visit “Miniaturwunderland” and get some impressions of the harbour.

The “Miniaturwunderland” exhibition and museum is a replication of real world activities which might happen somewhere on the world. The action is based on a model railway and airport build-up, high technically sophisticated. Six large industrial PCs control the whole area. The simulation adaptation and animation, as the most crucial parts are active, programmed and controlled by computer science supervision.

A speciality of “Miniaturwunderland” are, as well known from comics like Clever&Smart, the side pictures.

But now… Have a look by yourself!

Afterwards, we had a small walk around the “Speicherstadt” in Hamburg and had a view into the harbour.