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Month: September, 2012

3304km – Back in Rambouillet

Continuing from Niederkassel back towards Rambouillet on the direct fast way passage via Aachen, Liege, Mons, Valenciennes and Paris, I arrived back home after this wonderful week of our round trip in Germany.

3304 kms in total out of which 2325 kms were driven by Sven. Well done, my son!

2796km – Niederkassel

Shortly before Sven’s start of classes visiting iDSP school in St.Cloud, he opted to stay another week in Germany with his mum and also his girl friend in Bonn.

From here, I continued back to Rambouillet on my own.

2568km – Obernburg

On the way back home to France,  we visited our parents / grandparents in Obernburg.

We stayed overnight and had a wonderful dinner in the “Alt-Elsenfeld”.