Tillamook, OR via US-101 and CAL-1 to Gualala, CA – counting 2233 km

by bretzelitos

What a fantastic drive along the Pacific coast line on US-101 and later the northern part of the famous Highway 1 of California! Sometimes, we passed through small towns of 500 inhabitants in distances of 20-30 km… only rarely a larger city, like Eureka, CA – in between nature pure, even the forests, lakes and river valleys seem to be untouched ever since they exist.

We left Tillamook, OR early in the morning as we realised that we will have a very long drive through narrow roads with low velocity. It was not as bad as I thought at the beginning, so we were able to go quite a long way – 924 kilometers today.

Most interesting were the views on the beaches and the passes through the forests – both with all its fauna and flora included.

Along the Pacific coast line, we followed US-101 highway down to the Oregon – California state border. We continued on it through Redwood National Park (see the video of these enormous trees) and the lands of the Yurok American-Natives people with its Klamath river. In Leggett, we left US-101 eventually, turned right and joined California Highway 1 which led us through forest mountains and hills on a very curvy and adventurous drive. Sven is very happy having taken this particular route on our drive. We have recorded two videos here.

After several small stops to enjoy the countryside at vista points, we arrived in Gualala, CA – approximately 185km north of San Francisco, CA – in the early evening.

We went quickly in a Home made Pizza shop next door to our hotel and enjoyed a glass of beer in front of our chimney while having a look over the Ocean.

18AUG Pazifikblick Oregon 18AUG Mountains in Oregon Pacific 18AUG Panorama Oregon Pacific 18AUG Sven Oregon Pacific 18AUG Andreas Oregon Pacific 18AUG Crossing a river near Redwood National Park 18AUG Cal Hwy-1 near Rockport 18AUG Chimney fire in Gualala Hotel 18AUG Pacific view Oregon

We have also made three videos.

Passing through Redwood National Park – These trees are amazing!

California Highway 1 between Leggett, CA and Rockport, CA – Part 1

California Highway 1 between Leggett, CA and Rockport, CA – Part 2