Gualala – San Francisco – Los Gatos, 2540 recorded kilometers

by bretzelitos

We tried hard to get some more sleep in Gualala, but both of us were wide awake again at 0430… Nevertheless, the night in the hotel on the ocean was great.

We finally took some more time in our trip plan as we are scheduled to meet our friends in the bay area later today and the distance is not so far. So we had time to go for a nice breakfast in our hotel. Sven took self-made waffles – not easy!

We started driving around 1030. Sven took the steering until we reached San Francisco.

We followed strictly Highway 1 and crossed the San Andreas fault line for the first time near Point Reyes Station. Shortly thereafter, we rejoined US-101 and crossed the Golden Gate bridge.

We parked our car in a lot near Fisherman’s Wharf to visit some places there, take pictures and to have a good lunch in the city of San Francisco.

After taking some more pictures from the Coit Tower telegraph hill, our friends reached us by phone to organize dinner with them in a top class American steak house in their home town Los Gatos – located in the south western area of Greater San Jose, 1 hour south of San Francisco.

We stayed finally at their house over night in the hills of Summit Road in Los Gatos and had a very relaxing and quiet sleep.


19AUG HWY-1 1 19AUG HWY-1 2 19AUG HWY-1 3 19AUG HWY-1 4 19AUG Bretzelitos 19AUG Alcatraz 19AUG Coit 1 19AUG FMW SFO 1 19AUG FMW SFO 2 19AUG FMW SFO 3 19AUG FMW SFO 4 19AUG Golden Gate 19AUG Lombard 1 19AUG Lombard 2 19AUG SFO to SJC 1 19AUG SFO to SJC 2

Our drive on Highway 1 – part 1:

Continued on part 2:

Passing Golden Gate Bridge: