From Los Gatos via Monterey, Santa Barbara and Venice beach to Barstow – now at 3364 km and counting!

by bretzelitos

We left our friends’ house at 0630 in the morning as they got out of the house at approximately the same time.

Our trajectory was South, to meet California Highway 1 at Half Moon Bay.

We continued to drive down the coastal path towards San Luis Obispo and rejoined US-101 not much later. Some kilometres before actually reaching the Ocean again, we changed our plans and took California Highway 166 eastbound, just north of the mountain ridge of Santa Barbara. Eventually, we rejoined US-101 and continued on it until reaching Los Angeles city perimeters.

Sven asked to take a short bath at Venice Beach – time for the last photos of the Pacific Ocean during this trip. In Venice, the life on the beach seems to be very colorful, however… is it a really safe and trustworthy area? – No, it is not. It is rather a commercial devil’s place with threats you better don’t think of. Well, I don’t like LA because of this, however, having a dip at Venice beach once in a life time is a priceless thing to do.

We continued through abnormal dense traffic in LA – as expected. Required task: We needed to reach the other side of the Greater Los Angeles area as the new direction target is Las Vegas. Not quite the best idea if you do that at 1700 local time – absolutely awful! For 70 – 80km, we saw Stop and Go all the time and it took us 2.5 hours.

Shortly after 2030, we finally reached Barstow in the Mojave desert where we found a relaxing HolidayInn Express hotel to spend the night.

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20AUG Venice Beach 1 20AUG Venice Beach 2 20AUG Venice Beach 3

Waves ashore at a Vista Point on Highway 1: