Four states in the South in 37 degrees Centigrade – have travelled 6986 km so far

by bretzelitos

Not so far as in the last days, but we have been driving through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Departing from Houston around 1000, we headed East on the I-10. Traffic was not so dense as expected, well, it has been a Sunday morning. But already at this time, we had 32 degrees Centigrade.

After passing the border to Louisiana, we decided to do a short detour and stay on I-10 to drive through New Orleans. During this time, we already had 100 degrees Fahrenheit, around 37 degrees Centigrade. Ufff, that is very hot!

A second detour was done right after passing the border to Mississippi… Down to Gulfport and Beloxi to see the Gulf of Mexico. As it was already evening, just past 1800, we stopped in the HOOTERS restaurant of Beloxi. It was the first time for Sven in this restaurant chain, so he was very amazed about it. We had a very charming and beautiful servant with the name Paige. We talked a bit, told about our origin and what we are doing here in the States. We enjoyed a lot this conversation. So, Paige, if you are reading this, once again, thank you very much for a nice time Sven and I had. 🙂

Afterwards, we headed back to the I-10 and found another Hilton Garden Inn in our planned target for today – In Mobile, Alabama. We really had a very smooth and enjoyable ride today.

24AUG Beloxi beach 24AUG Louisiana I-10 24AUG Louisiana Large Bridge 24AUG Louisiana State Sign 24AUG Louisiana Swamp 24AUG Mississippi State Sign 24AUG New Orleans

Video of our Mississippi Crossing on the I-10 East in Louisiana: