In Naples – Sven’s First Flight – No additional driving

by bretzelitos

Today, we stayed in Naples. For a good reason. It was about time to let Sven fly on an aeroplane for the first time with an instructor.

So we went to the flight school I graduated from and got all the necessary pieces of information for Sven’s potential PPL course if he delivers the German A-Levels next year well enough and a plan what he would like to do thereafter.

So we took some pics during the session. Have a look!

I would like to add the message that we finally have added a lot of more pictures in the posts earlier. Feel free to comment at any time and place.

27AUG KAPF Abflug 27AUG Naples Overview 27AUG Quer ab Marko Island 27AUG Sven Flying 1 27AUG Approach MKY 27AUG Touch and Go MKY 27AUG Sven Flying 2 27AUG Sven Flying 3 27AUG Approach KAPF 27AUG Approach KAPF 2 27AUG Sven First Flight

In our hotel, the Naples Waldorf Astoria:

26AUG Sven Waldorf Astoria 27AUG Hotel View after Sunset