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New York, New York – Changing from Delta to KLM – no additional kilometers

The first flight in the Delta B738 in First Class was rather uneventful. We did not fly direct, but via Jacksonville and Savannah to New York JFK. I wonder it is due to the missing ETOPS clearance of the aircraft?

We took FL370 as cruising altitude. On the way; we saw several planes flying in the opposite direction. Most interesting were three Virgin Atlantic B744 aircraft, all going to Orlando, FL from Manchester, Glasgow and London-Gatwick and all in FL400. Near Ocean City, we started our decent into JFK where we landed on runway 13R after flying the famous Canarsie approach. Nice one!

Our airplane to Amsterdam came in at the same time as we landed with ours, so the next flight should be on time.

The impression that NYC is big can be confirmed without a doubt.
The idea that NYC is crowded is true, even the airport is.
And that NYC has money is undoubted, business seems to be going like no other.

Sven took some additional pictures during the approach, we will add them later.

IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0571 IMG_0572 29AUG Lounge JFK 29AUG Manhattan vom Flughafen


Rental Car returned, Checked-In, Lounge – Miami Airport – 8914 kilometers

The last five kilometers were driven this morning – from the Hotel to the Rental Car Return Center.

As we had completed the Check-In by DELTA iPhone app yesterday evening, we just had to drop our four suitcases and receive our boarding cards and baggage tags.

We enjoy a cup of tea in the Miami DELTA Sky Club – and a glass of sparkling wine.

Next stop is JFK!

29AUG Rental Car return

Naples – Key West – Miami, at 8909 kilometers

We left Naples via US-41. At 0930, when we left, it was already 32 degrees Centigrade. We got in a good shower system which steamed up the atmosphere even more. We really felt like being in the tropics.

While driving through the land of the Miccosukee American Natives, we stopped at an Everglades airboat offer. This was quite an experience.

After having a very good Sushi meal near Homestead at “Sushi Sake”, we continued on Florida Highway One down to Key West.

We had time for a short photo stop at the southernmost point of continental US – the end point of our big diagonal crossing – from where we saw big thunderstorm clouds over Cuba, only 90 miles away.

We started our return to Europe by driving to Miami back on Highway-1 and the Florida turnpike. Our last night stop, before the flight home the next day, has been the Embassy Suites Hotel at Miami International Airport.

28AUG Everglades 1 28AUG Everglades 2 28AUG Everglades 3 28AUG Everglades 4 28AUG Everglades 5 28AUG Everglades 7 28AUG Libelle

(More photos from the Keys and Key West to come later)


Our Airboat Ride through the Everglades in five parts: