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Month: August, 2014

Frankfurt Airport – 799 km

After 35 minutes drive through heavy clouds with some rain, Helga and Peter brought us to Frankfurt Airport.

So we have been driving 799 kms so far.

As it is a vacation weekend, Terminal 2 of Frankfurt Airport is very crowded.

Also the check-in for Air France – KLM – Alitalia… but only for Economy Class. There was nobody waiting in front of us for the SKY PRIORITY check-in counter. Great to be a status client and having booked a business class flight. I know at least two people who would have complained heavily if forced to queue in this. 🙂

So we did the check in in record time, four suitcases with a total of 83 kgs.

Now we enjoy a bit in the SKYTEAM lounge before boarding our first flight to Amsterdam. Sven enjoys it like a little cat. Oh yes, I already miss the two. But on this trip to the US, it would have been just impossible.Bordkarten Hinflug FRA check in Sven Lounge FRA Touran geladen 

Arrived in Germany – 737 km

1.5 hours to the airport CDG, then 5h20min to Obernburg – the first 737 km of our trip are done. Let us see how many we will have at the end of our trip.

The weather was not very good on our trip, but the thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls were rather local at the end. In some dry parts of Germany, especially on the unrestricted speed limit part of A63, this was a lot of fun. Top high speed was recorded at 235 kmh. Not bad at all.

My two cats were very nice and quiet during the trip. Nera was talking a bit at the beginning, but subsided complaining when being with Luna a bit later. Nera decided that sleeping underneath the passenger front seat is much more exciting than in her transportation box. Luna stayed in the rear of her bigger box as usual. Shortly after passing the French border she changed her mind and thought about being with Luna in the same box is much better. Our big one did not approve this, but was not able to disapprove either. So two cats, one box… Outside the car unthinkable, but today inside the car it worked out.

The check-in for the flight has been done successfully, however, our boarding passes were not issued yet. This is due to the new TSA safety regulation, but no issue. We get it in the airport tomorrow – for sure after counting the kilometers on our trip!

Bretzelito Bretzelmobil Katzen im Auto

The adventure begins

No, we are not in the US yet, we fly tomorrow. But today, our vacation trip starts.

Three suitcases for me, one for Sven.

Our Bretzelmobil is ready and loaded for our trip to Germany… the vacation home for our two cats. So, 130 kmh until the German border, then how much Luna and Nera allow me to drive.

And tonight a glass of wine with my parents. Really looking forward!

The way is the target :-) – The big diagonal crossing

Next week, we start the biggest road trip I have ever done in my life.

Sven and I, we will fly out to Seattle, take a rental car and drive in 12 days to Miami.

Only possible with a good flight assignment – DELTA and KLM flies us in Business Class to the USA.

I hope that we will have good weather, a nice rental car and time to take many photos.


More to come here on this page 🙂