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Month: September, 2014

Some statistics about our trip :-)

As promised, we would like to add some statistic information about our trip.



Most Northern: Mukilteo, WA at N 47°55’28” W 122°17’10”

Most Western: Port Orford, OR at N 42°44’43” W 124°29’50”

Most Southern: Key West, FL at N 24°32’47” W 81°47’57”

Most Eastern: Miami, FL at N 25°47’56” W 80°15’23”


Line of Sight Distance between these points:

N to S: 4392 kilometers or 2729 miles

W to E: 4424 kilometers or 2749 miles


Highest Elevation while driving: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, 2286 meter or 7501 feet at N 36°02’21” W 111°49’48”

Lowest Elevation while driving: Suburbs or New Orleans, at sea level at N 30°04’9″ W90°23’57”


Drive in the United States: 8115 kilometers or 5043 miles

Drive in Europe: 1534 kilometers or 953 miles


Longest drive in one day: 980 kilometers or 609 miles, done between Flagstaff, Arizona and Amarillo, Texas


Highest Gas price per Gallon: 4.47 USD in California

Lowest Gas price per Gallon: 3.17 USD in Florida

Average Gas consumption in the USA at 9 liters per 100 km or 26 mpg.

Total Gas consumption in the USA: 730 liters or 193 US gallons

Average Diesel consumption in Europe at 7 liters per 100 km or 34 mpg.

Total Diesel consumption in Europe: 107 liters or 28 US Gallons.

Back in Rambouillet – Final Count: 9649 kilometers

At the beginning of our trip, I had no idea how many kilometers it will be at the end… But that it would have been a lot, this has been clear from the beginning.

We arrived Sunday evening back home in Rambouillet after a 6.5 hours drive… which seemed to be rather short in comparison with the daily driving action we had in the last two weeks!

We had a brilliant time in the States, were never unsafe or not welcome. Certainly an experience that was worth doing it… And that could be done again!

Two things are still missing to finalize our blog activity for this year – a statistics overview of our trip as well as additional photos and videos.

Stay tuned! 🙂