Some statistics about our trip :-)

by bretzelitos

As promised, we would like to add some statistic information about our trip.



Most Northern: Mukilteo, WA at N 47°55’28” W 122°17’10”

Most Western: Port Orford, OR at N 42°44’43” W 124°29’50”

Most Southern: Key West, FL at N 24°32’47” W 81°47’57”

Most Eastern: Miami, FL at N 25°47’56” W 80°15’23”


Line of Sight Distance between these points:

N to S: 4392 kilometers or 2729 miles

W to E: 4424 kilometers or 2749 miles


Highest Elevation while driving: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, 2286 meter or 7501 feet at N 36°02’21” W 111°49’48”

Lowest Elevation while driving: Suburbs or New Orleans, at sea level at N 30°04’9″ W90°23’57”


Drive in the United States: 8115 kilometers or 5043 miles

Drive in Europe: 1534 kilometers or 953 miles


Longest drive in one day: 980 kilometers or 609 miles, done between Flagstaff, Arizona and Amarillo, Texas


Highest Gas price per Gallon: 4.47 USD in California

Lowest Gas price per Gallon: 3.17 USD in Florida

Average Gas consumption in the USA at 9 liters per 100 km or 26 mpg.

Total Gas consumption in the USA: 730 liters or 193 US gallons

Average Diesel consumption in Europe at 7 liters per 100 km or 34 mpg.

Total Diesel consumption in Europe: 107 liters or 28 US Gallons.