Vacation in Singapore – April 2016

by bretzelitos

Getting rid of old vacation days out of 2015 results often in interesting decisions. This year, for the very first time without the must to follow school holidays and without Sven, I took the decision to visit Singapore for some days.

Why Singapore?

I particularly like this city in Asia. It is tidy, in the tropics and I never had the opportunity to travel to Asia for fun or leisure – in general, not working.

On the evening of April 25th, I started my journey – once again by bus at the stop Uzes next to my house. With the Line N to Montparnasse, Metro Line 6 and RER B, I got to CDG T2 without an issue, in spite of having picked the evening rush hour in Paris – no seating available, as expected.

The Priority Check-in was handled without a problem, also the Passport and Security control.

After a short stop in the T2E AF lounge – the obligatory Bloody Mary and a glass of Champagne included, the boarding process started for the 12h45 flight to Singapore. I got a window place in Premium Economy without somebody next to me – great stuff. The flight was rather not so full – 82 empty places according to the purser.

Aircraft was a B773ER with the registration F-GSQA.

The flight was rather uneventful, taking out two distress calls from the purser if a Medical Doctor is on board as one passenger has become ill during the flight. I was getting afraid if we would go into a Medical diversion – but during this time we overflew Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, so I could assume that it has been not so bad, luckily for the passenger and myself. Unfortunately, the Premium Economy seats have a rather tight spacing, so I did not have the opportunity find longer sleep, perhaps 1.5 hours all over.

Landing, Passport control and baggage collection went flawlessly – in spite of starting to sweat instantaneously in 32 degrees heat and 80% humidity.

I took a taxi to my hotel in the city and got a nice room with a large bed to relax and enjoy my stay.

After having some rest – very much needed – I went to the pool of the hotel. This is just priceless when you can take just your shorts and a t-shirt and go out of the hotel at any time of the day and you do not feel cold at all.

In the evening, I had a look out where to eat and found a 100% original Japanese Sushi place next to my hotel – no big stunts for the first night, I thought. Quality was great, but the price unfortunately very high.

Let us see what will be up tomorrow 🙂 – Looking forward!!

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