Singapore Marina Bay – 27 April 2016

by bretzelitos

Today, after some long sleep until nearly 1000, I went to the Singapore Marina Bay area.

Around Midday the sun was shining, but at high temperature and very high humidity values.

I walked through loads of Shopping Malls and Restaurants, really I believe that Singapore has even more shop than Paris will ever have… and also the ones of high end price ranges.

After having had a nail polishing service in a spa in Marina Sands and a nice burger in the Bayfront near the Fullerton Hotel, I had a look for the a travel card by Metro just to avoid even more the actually low taxi prices.

Restaurants and Service shops are rather expensive in the main tourist areas and less so in non-touristic regions – that is pretty much known. However, I believe that the standard pricing is at minimum equal with Paris, only in the rather poor areas in the outskirts towards Malaysia, cost of life is a bit less. So… you really need to check where you go and you have put it into direct proportion what you are going to pay.

Just when getting out from the Metro when going towards the Hotel for an afternoon siesta due to the Jetlag of 6 hours, it just started to rumble and rain – a tropical thunderstorm struck Singapore. Water falling from the sky like you tip over a bucket in the air. So after a good lightshow and interesting, but different thunder sounds here, there was no hope to go out again as it continued to be a mix of heavy showers and just normal rain for the rest of the afternoon. In principle, this is that typical rain you get soaked down to your underpants on the way from the metro or taxi to the sight you want to visit – not something you really want to do when you carry your passport and the other valuables around.

So I decided to stay in the hotel, take good rest and be fit for tomorrow’s visit of the tropical gardens behind the Marina Sands hotel. Looking really forward to see all of these flowers!

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