Gardens by the Bay – 28APR2016

by bretzelitos

Today, I woke up even later… after 1000. For sure, going to bed around 0145 did not help much, neither waking up shortly at 0645 as some sun rays tickled my nose.

So… no breakfast this time. With the shuttle bus at 1050 to Novena MRT station towards Marina Bay where I got off.

The footpath was not too long as the Gardens just start behind Marina Sands Hotel… one of the most expensive shopping and retail areas in all Singapore.

The Garden is rather big and has three main attractions that are available for money. The other very much like a gigantic park area constructed attraction centre is open for the public for free. A good idea in my opinion.

First I went on the 22 meter high open air walk between the giant trees that are metal-concrete artificial rainforest tree sculptures, filled with life on rather little soil patches. These are attached to the grid of metal and are served with water by an automatic water spray irrigation system.

After having lunch in a very nice Chinese restaurant inside the park’s perimeters, I had a look towards the Rainforest Hill and the Flower Paradise.

In the Rainforest Hill, you are able to climb up to the 7th floor by elevator to be sent out on a bridge like construction to view the living plants and rain forest from above. As you can imagine, a very challenging issue for me. See loads of the photos taken – the flora in this environment is just amazing.

After that I continued to the Flower Paradise where I found the local interpretation of a Turkish tulip festival – in combination with a lot of other plants that we know from home, but are exotic here.

A very nice and unexpected experience, this visit 🙂

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