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Clarke Quay – 29APR2016

In the evening, I went to Clarke Quay – a quarter in Singapore with Restaurants, Bars and a lot of night life.

I had dinner in a Mexican restaurant – good quality I have to admit, in spite of me being the only one speaking Spanish.

I have closed the evening then at the Paulaner Biergarten bar and took a taxi back to the hotel for a good man’s sleep. ­čÖé

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Singapore National Museum – 29APR2016

Today, I have visited the Singapore National Museum.

It has three sections:

  • The history of Singapore from 4000BC until today
  • A changing exhibition theme, this time exhibits from the British Museum about archaeology arts from all parts of the world until present time
  • Highlighting special moments in Singapore history:
    • Merger and Separation with Malaysia
    • Japanese Occupation in the Second World War
    • Colonial Life
    • Radio and Television in Singapore

I have taken four hours to see everything, including a good Singaporean lunch: Pasta with Asian Garlic and Oil pesto.

It is a very interesting place and absolutely worth seeing.

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