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Little Bretzel travels to Lithuania – Vilnius

Little Bretzels trip to Lithuania

Second stop: Vilnius City Center

So far traveled: 1433 KM

The little Bretzel arrived safely and on time in Vilnius around 12:20 local time Lithuania. The flight was rather uneventful. During the flight I saw the airport of Hannover and the polish baltic coast, along the border to Russia (Kaliningrad) and then into Lithuania and Vilnius.

After we arrived in Vilnius, we quickly collected our luggage and took the next bus into the city and to our hotel. Our hotel is the Vilnius City Hotel. A standard and nothing special hotel in the city of Vilnius.

After a cold shower and a quick review which sights we would like to see, we hit the road… but not far since we found around the corner a very lovely small traditional Lithuanian restaurant. We had a great lunch and order for us both the Lithuanian national dish: Cepelinai. Cepelinai are a type of dumpling made from grated and riced potatoes and usually stuffed with ground meat. It was absolutely great! As beverage I had a homemade honey beer of the restaurant. Together, we shared a small desert and paid in the end only 22,5€ which is rather cheap for two persons. Little Bretzel was very happy afterwards!

From the restaurant we walked further into the old city center of Vilnius. We saw the president palace, some very nice churches, the university of Vilnius, the cathedral, the castle, a very nice park along the small river vilna and finally the St. Anne Church.

Afterwards we had dinner in a typical Lithuanian restaurant in the city center. We had some lovely koldunai which are comparable to dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough. As well a very tasteful and great dish. You can certainly eat very well here in Lithuania! Furthermore, I have to admit that I like the beer prices which are in general around 2€ for a half a liter of beer.

After the dinner we walked over the main shopping street of Vilnius and some smaller parks back to our hotel.

We had an absolutely great day here in Vilnius and saw a lot of the city. Now we are happy to be in our hotel room and to relax our feet, which walked around 15km today through the city.

Unfortunately is the wi-fi connection here in the hotel not the best and it takes ages to upload the pictures. I will add as soon as possible some pictures of this wonderful day to the blog!

I guess after I added hopefully some pictures until tomorrow morning, I will continue with the blog tomorrow after we arrived in Trakai and visited there the castle!

See you then! 🙂

Little Bretzel

Little Bretzel travels to Lithuania

Little Bretzels trip to Lithuania

First stop: Eindhoven Airport

So far traveled: 56 KM



Today early in the morning, at 4:45 local time Breda (The Netherlands, the little Bretzel (me Sven 😀 ) and his girlfriend Ramune (Nickname Muni which I will refer to during this blog) got woken up through the first of three alarms which where necessary to get us out of the bed. It was time to get ready for our ten day trip to Lithuania, one of the Baltic states in the north-east of europe, where my beautiful girlfriend was born .

Since no buses were available this morning at 5:45, we started walking to the train station in Breda and took the first train to Eindhoven. 40 uneventful minutes later we arrived in Eindhoven and took a direct shuttle bus to the airport. Luckily for us, everything is reachable with in the network of the OV chipkaart system here in the Netherlands and we did not have to pay additional fee for the direct bus connection!

Our Wizz Air flight W6 8026 leaves at 9:20 local time Eindhoven and we arrived two hours early at the airport. For me it was important to have some redundancy with the train bus connection and for the check-in. The check-in was rather simple, a self check-in machine which we know out of Paris CDG and Amsterdam Schiphol is used for all flights from Wizz Air. All counters were empty luckily at the check in was quickly done. Then we passed directly the security control and I found now the time to write the first out of hopefully many blog entries for this trip. Eindhoven Airport is a well-developed small European Airport. You have a rather large duty-free shop and a small bar and bistro. Nevertheless, you see clearly that this airport is developed for low-cost airlines like Wizz Air, Ryanair and Transavia.

Our Aircraft is already in the approach towards Eindhoven Airport and comes directly from Vilnius since it is based in Vilnius. It is going to be a 2,5 years old Airbus A320 with Sharklets and the registration HA-LWX.

Finally, I also have some pictures from Eindhoven Airport:

Foto 27.07.16, 07 29 25 Foto 27.07.16, 08 20 58


I will continue later with the blog when we arrived in Vilnius and arrived in our hotel where we will stay for one night!

See you later,