Little Bretzel travels to Lithuania – Vilnius in Pictures!

by bretzelitos

Little Bretzels trip to Lithuania

Second stop: Vilnius City Center

So far traveled: 1433 KM

Good morning Europe!

Well as promised yesterday evening, I uploaded some pictures of the day in Vilnius city center, our hotel room and the flight.

W6 8026 1

In Eindhoven during the boarding

W6 8026 2

Shortly after the take off out of Eindhoven

Prior to landing

In the final approach of Vilnius

Vilnius airport

Vilnius airport from outside after the landing

Vilnius Airport arrival

At the luggage collection in Vilnius

Hotel room 1

Our hotel room

Restaurant 1

The little restaurant where we had lunch

Foood 1

Our lunch: cepelinai – very delicious!

Foood porn 2

Our dinner: Koldunai

Vilnius view castle

The castle of Vilnius

Vilnius Church

A very nice church of Vilnius

Vilnius view

Overview of the town. You can see the so-called “New Vilnius” in the background

Vilnius view 2

Overview of the old city center of Vilnius

President palace

The president palace


The cathedral of Vilnius

St anna church

St. Anne Church next to the beautiful park

Kathedrale in 2

In the cathedral of Vilnius – a view up to the ceiling

Kathedrale in 1

In the cathedral of Vilnius

Vilnius Bus

One of the many electric busses which are connected to overhead wires

Kathedrale 2

The cathedral in the evening light of Vilnius

city center

The old city center in Vilnius


The castle of Vilnius down the hill


Us two on the bridge over the river Neris in Vilnius


Two very nice beer for a reasonable price in the old city center of Vilnius