Bretzelitos travel to Singapore -Long flight to Singapore and first evening

by bretzelitos

Bretzelitos travel to Singapore

Third stop: Conrad Centennial Singapore

Traveled so far: 11020 km

After an enjoyable 12 hour flight from Amsterdam Schiphol to Singapore Changi International Airport, we arrived at 15:25 local time in Singapore. The business class flight was fine and we enjoyed our seat, including inflight entertainment and three food courses. We got also a good portion of sleep of around 6 hours – Russia to India.

The flight route was the most northern route you could take, a very unusual one for our route to Singapore – only 2 or 3 flights pass that routing per month. We flew over Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, a bit over Indonesian islands and finally to Singapore.

At Singapore Changi airport, the immigration process was quickly done and we got our luggage approximately 15-20 minutes after landing. We had certainly the benefit of sitting in the first row and disembarking out of the airplane as one of the first ones. At the arrival hall, there was a big crowd. They were hailing the gold medalist of Rio 2016 Olympic Games who arrived on a separate flight, but at the same time.

We decided to take a taxi to the hotel and arrived earlier than planned at the hotel. Unfortunately, our hotel room was not ready at this time. So we were invited to the executive lounge and enjoyed some food and drinks until our room was ready for us. Our room is luckily on the side of the Marina Bay, so we are able to see the skyline of Singapore.

After unpacking all our luggage and having a short shower, we went down for a quick jump into the swimming pool of our hotel. As it was already early in the evening and we got hungry at that point, we got dressed again after that short swim in the pool and went out for dinner. We went into the Outback Steakhouse Restaurant which is close to our Hotel. Little Bretzelito had a small spare rib and big Bretzelito had a good piece of meat.

As we finished our dinner, we headed to the next Metro station to buy a ticket for me. The tickets here in Singapore are comparable to the dutch OV chipkaart – a prepay system. You add some credit to the card and use this to commute within buses and subways. You have to check in and check out with you card every time you go into a station and leave a station and the amount is automatically calculated, showed and transferred.

Little Bretzelito wanted to try out directly the new card and we took the next subway to the Marina Bay station which is only two stations away from our Hotel. We had a beautiful walk along the Marina Bay and enjoyed like little cats. Especially the temperature of 26 °C made the walk very comfortable. The skyline and the buildings look amazing during night-time. We enjoyed the evening atmosphere of all the restaurants and bars and went along the Marina Bay back to our Hotel.

During our walk we found the small baby Unielphant. It is sculputre of a baby elephant with a unicorn on his head. He looks fantastic. Furthermore, we have seen as well the Merlion scuplture which is also directly visible out of our hotel room.

After our walk, we went into the Pan Pacific Hotel to have two German Erdinger wheat beer. The bar in this hotel is certainly stunning. Back into our hotel we enjoyed a small drink at our hotel bar with some live piano music.

We called it around 11pm a day and went up to our hotel room.

Today, we woke up early and had breakfast in the Hotel. Planned for today is the botanic garden and what else coms up into our mind.

Of course, we have as well some pictures for you:


See you soon,

Little and big Bretzelito