Bretzelitos travel to Sinapore – First full day in Singapore

by bretzelitos

Bretzelitos travel to Singapore

Fourth stop: Singapore Botanic Gardens

Traveled so far: 11040 km

Yesterday we went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, northwest of the city centre. The garden is 74 hectar large and a world heritage site accepted by UNESCO last year.

You have several different parts within the botanic gardens. The most interesting parts are in my opinion the orchid garden and the rain forest. In the orchid garden, you can find an enormously high amount of wonderful and very detailed orchids. It is impressing how much they care about the orchids and with which love to the detail. The arrangements and the ideas how to arrange the garden are brilliant.

Besides the orchids garden, the rain forest is an interesting part of the botanic gardens. You can find wild living animals in the rain forest. For instance, we saw several iguanas, chickens and squirrels. Also snakes should be living in that rain forest part.

In general, we enjoyed a lot and can only recommend to spend some time during the next Singapore visit in this garden. It is very relaxing and gives you a very positive emotion.

In total we walked around six kilometers through the park and spent at least three hours. To be honest, I did not keep the time in mind.

After the botanic gardens, we went back to the hotel and enjoyed some time at the swimming pool here in our hotel. The hotel – as well the swimming pool – is at the moment well visited. The friendly bartender told us that especially many Asian families spend the weekend in Singapore as weekend trip. So we expect to have a bit less crowded swimming pool in the next days.

In the evening, we decided to have dinner at Clarke Quay. We went into a typical Japanese restaurant and enjoyed some very good and fresh Sushi. You were even able to taste the fresh sea water.

As digestif, we went around the corner to the Paulaner Brauhaus – to drink original German wheat beer and to eat Bretzels in a German restaurant in Singapore is certainly a well appreciated result of the globalization and export of the Paulaner Brauhaus.

As small evening walk, we went a long the Singapore rivers down to the Marina Bay. We saw the rainbow bridge, the old parliament as well as the theatre of Singapore.

Back at the hotel, we decided to have a last one in the Paulaner Brauhaus which is next to our hotel (yes, here exist even two of them). We had two steins of beer and something small to eat. Afterwards, we called it a day around 1 am.

Of course we have some pictures for you:


Today we will go to the Marina Bay Sands and to the gardens by the bay. At the moment it still rains but we hope that it will stop soon.

See you soon,