Bretzelitos travel to Singapore – Marina Bay Sands and the gardens by the bay

by bretzelitos

Yesterday we two went to one of the most stunning buildings here in Singapore –  the Marina Bay Sands. The three tall buildings with the 57th floor on top which looks like a ship is certainly a magnificent piece of architecture. We went to the Marina Bay Sands around lunch time. First of all, we went through a large shopping mall along very expensive shops and high quality goods. Little Bretzelito has a bit the feeling that these shopping malls are nearly nothing special anymore for Singapore.

In the shopping center, big Bretzelito has favourite nail polish shop. He has been there before and was very happy with the result. Before the appointment, we had some time to take the elevator up to 57th floor and to enjoy the view above the gardens by the bay and the harbour. Truly very impressive!

As soon as big Bretzelito finger nails were made handsome, we moved on to the gardens by the bay. The park is very magnificent and we both are very impressed by the work and detail which is behind this park.

Of course, we went up to the Supertree Grove and sky walk. These trees are generating their own energy and they are wonderful! I am very impressed by the idea of sustainability which you are able to find here in Singapore gardens and parks. Unfortunately, the Supertree Grove was not open through a thunderstorm warning. So we had some typical chinese lunch in one of the close restaurants before we climbed up the trees .

After a stunning view and some difficult steps for big Bretzelito – afraid of heights from time to time, but he managed it very well yesterday 🙂 – we went on to the cloud forest and later on to the flower dome.

These two buildings which are part of the gardens by the bay are by far the most impressive gardens within a building which little Bretzelito has seen before. The whole construction and lay-out idea is absolutely great and the experience you have is certainly the entre fee worth!

Alone the cloud forest with the 7 stories high waterfall and the cloud production facilities to develop the feeling to stand in cloud forest which is similar for instance to the one we visited on our hiking trip to Saba last year is impressive. Also the variety of plants, trees and flowers is so large that you are able to find on every corner something new.

Especially in the flower dome, we have seen new flowers which we might have seen never before. In both gardens are for sure orchids again in the focus and alone the variety of the orchids is impressive. We stopped counting the different varieties.

In total, the visit two this two buildings and the gardens of the bay have been absolutely worth it. The architecture, ideas, arrangements and variety of flowers, plants and trees made this visit very enjoyable and gave us a positive energy about the fauna of the Singapore area.

From the gardens by the bay, we walked along the Singapore river to the arts and science museum which is directly at the Marina Bay. It looks like a large lotus flower as building. Interestingly, even though it is such a difficult structure, you are not able to see any major structure or construction part. Everything is within the facade and the lotus flower is clearly recognisable. Certainly a very interesting architectural solution and another interesting building here in Singapore.

We enjoyed the evening light at the waterfront of the Marina Bay. Across the Marina Bay is a floating football field which is currently closed. We have been able to see some otters sunbathing and play on the football field. These otters are living in the Singapore river and in the Marina Bay. Truly a fascinating view.

As we finished our short tour around the arts and science museum, we went back to our hotel via the helix bridge. The helix bridge is constructed in the form of a real human helix and is very beautiful illuminated by night.

Shortly before the hotel, we decided to have a small dinner at the Paulaner Wirthaus next to our hotel. After some nice Bavarian dishes, we went up to the hotel room and called it a day.

We also made a lot of pictures during our visit. But unfortunately, little Bretzelito has soon the meeting with St. Johns here in Singapore and not the time to look through the pictures. But as soon as possible, the pictures will be added to our blog!

See you soon,