Bretzelitos travel to Singapore – St. John Singapore and the Stamford Hotel

by bretzelitos

Little Bretzelito had yesterday a meeting with at St. John Singapore to hand over a small “thank you bag” of the Johanniter group in Niederkassel. Johanniter is the name for St. John in Germany. The CEO of the St. John in Singapore, Mr. John Seen, welcomed us in his office and showed us around the whole St. John building. Especially the heritage room of the St. John was really impressive. It has documents of the long history of St. John here in Singapore.

The two Bretzelitos got a pin of the order of the St. John and as well a small thank you bag for Germany. Later on, Mr. Seen invited us to have lunch with him in a close-by traditional food court. We had some delicious rice and chicken – and enjoyed a lot. All these small restaurants next to each other are something amazing and you certainly have a great experience.

After our meeting, we went back to the hotel to update the blog and to get some good rest. In the afternoon we jumped shortly into the pool before we went out to the Stamford Swissotel. This tall building is around 230 meters high and has a very lovely bar in the 71st floor with view over the city. We enjoyed some small finger food and two cold tiger beers during we saw the sunset over Singapore.

Our next stop was the close-by Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel to enjoy some traditional Singapore Sling cocktails. The Singapore Sling was invented in this very bar. The Raffles Hotel has a completely different architecture in comparison with most other hotels in Singapore. It has colonial style architecture, is only two stories high and completely in white.

When we went out of the Long Bar, we saw a bus stop down the road and decided to take the next bus into the direction of Harbour Front. The trip went along some parts of the large harbour of Singapore and we have been able to see parts of a large container terminal.

At Harbour Front, we went into a shopping mall where you are able to find more common chains and brands out of europe which are not so expensive. Big Bretzelito found something in the GAP store and little Bretzel got a new t-shirt as well.

After two beer at a German style restaurant which is called Brotzeit, we went back to the Hotel by subway and called it a day.

Of course we have some pictures of the day:


See you soon!