Bretzelitos travel to Singapore – Formula 1 Track, National Stadium, Fort Canning Park and Marina Bay

by bretzelitos

Yesterday, we started our day with a walk along the other side of Marina Bay. We saw the ongoing preparations of Singapore’s Formula 1 race track and pit lane for the teams. We walked further on along the riverbank of Kalang and Geylang river up to the national stadium of Singapore. The stadium is rather large and offers place for 55.000 people. Next to the National stadium, you can find the smaller indoor national stadium and two large swimming pools which are used for training and competitions. Of course, also a shopping centre is next to the stadium. You find shoping centres everywhere here in Singapore, it is unbelievable how many shops exist and survive here. They belong certainly today to the establishment and developed nation of Singpore.

The stadium is build directly on the riverbank of two rivers which are flowing into the Marina Bay. You can find some training lanes for rowers on the two rivers and also a paddleboat rental. From there, we went to the stadium MRT station and we took the next Metro back to our hotel.

After a short rest, we went to the Fort Canning Park. The park is a former fortified garrison with a bunker underneath which was used during the second world war and afterwards. Unfortunately,  the so-called battle boxed was closed and a visit was therefore not possible.

In this park which is on a small hill near the central business district of Singapore, you have the location of the first house of Raffles. Raffles was a british statesman and Lieutenant-Governor of British-Java during the colonialism.

Afterwards we walked over to the Marina Bay and walked once again around the Marina Bay and enjoyed the spectular views.

We walked back to hotel after we spent some time at the promenade. We entered as usual the Paulaner to have dinner and some beers.

Some pictures of yesterday:


See you soon!