Bretzelitos travel to Singapore – Round trip, Supertrees, St. John Singapore, Marina Bay, Mount Faber, Sentosa, National Museum of Singapore and flight back to Paris

by bretzelitos

In the last days, we had not so much time to continue our blog.  Nevertheless, we would like to write about the last days as well and tell you what we did – even while we are already back in Europe.

Last Thursday, we started our day with a round-trip with MRT through Singapore. We went up with the North-South Line to Yishun station and had a look around. We went also into the next shopping centre and had a look for new shoes. Unfortunately, the prices have been the same as in Europe, so we decided to skip this opportunity.

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel via Jurung East in the West of Singapore. We had lunch with some colleagues of Bretzelito in the Millenia Walk next to our hotel. The afternoon was rather unspectacular: Little Bretzelito had to prepare a presentation for the St. John’s organisation in Singapore for Friday.

In the evening, we went to the Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay and enjoyed the wonderful light show which had a retro topic that day, accompanied by some retro music.

Last Friday, little Bretzelito had the presentation at the St. John’s headquarter about his work with St. John’s in Germany and the work of his regional association. He had to prepare a presentation and was busy the whole day. During the day, we have been not really able to do anything outside of the hotel because of strong haze  conditions in Singapore. The haze was produced through wildfires in Indonesia and filled the city with strong smoke.

In the evening, we had a again a walk around the Marina Bay and finished the day – guess where – in the Paulaner.

On Saturday, we went again to Sentosa Island and to Mount Faber. We reached the so-called “state of fun” by cable car from Mount Faber station, after we had a short look around the park at Mount Faber.

On the island of Sentosa, we started our day with a great lunch in the Hard Rock Cafe. Little Bretzelito was very happy and enjoyed some very good ribs and pulled pork. Our first attraction was the so-called Luge tracks. The Luges are small vehicles which you are able to steer and brake. They have no engine and work only by gravity. We tried out both tracks which go downhill and had a lot of fun. As fun part to go back to the starting point, a chair lift brings you back up the hill again and gives you a beautiful view over the tracks and the island itself.

Later on, we went up to the “Mega Zipline.” Little Bretzelito was climbing through “ClimbMax” which is an aerial obstacle course set amongst the treetops of the park with loads of challenges. Afterwards, we went together to “Mega Zip line” which is 450 meters long and goes from 72 meter above sea level to zero. It goes over the wild forest of the island, the beach and a part of the bay of Sentosa. We have been sweating a lot during this and our clothes have been just soaking wet afterwards.

To celebrate our success, we went into a 7eleven and found orignal beer from Breda, Netherlands. There was even advertisement for the beer. Little Bretzelito was amazed and we had to drink a Breda beer in Sentosa!

Since the Luge ride was by far our most favorite attraction of the day, we decided to go back to the tracks and to do another five rounds on the tracks. We enjoyed it a lot! Especially because the night was setting and it became dark on the tracks. Luckily, they have colourful illuminated the tracks and it was just perfect!

After a long but very enjoyable day, we went back to the Hotel and had a shower. We decided to end the day as usual in the Paulaner… where beer was the cheapest as they were celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Yesterday, the day of departure came already and unfortunately. We both wanted to stay longer. Our flight was in the evening at 22:50 local time Singapore. So we had the full day to enjoy Singapore. In the morning we went to the National Museum of Singapore. We had the luck to enjoy a free tour through the museum with a guide and learned a lot about the history of Singapore. Around noon, we went into the restaurant in the museum and had a quick lunch before we visited some further exhibitions. Around 13:30, we went back to the Hotel and prepared our luggage. We checked out at 15:00 and decided to enjoy the last hours at the hotel pool before we went around 18:30 to the airport.

Now, we are back in Paris and look back to very beautiful and lovely days in Singapore. The flight back to Paris was very enjoyable and we both got some good rest during the flight. The flight was uneventful and had with 12:45 hours a normal duration.

That was definetly not the last time we went to Singapore! 🙂

Of course, we have again some pictures for you:

See you soon!

Bretzelitos 🙂