Crossing Switzerland, Arriving in France – 2617km and counting

by bretzelitos

After a nice breakfast and quite an important bill in Switzerland as expected, I continued to drive westbound. I followed the already know path I had discovered with Sven in 2010 with some slight modifications.

After my departure from Bergun, I drove northbound towards the city of Chur, passing Lenzerheide, a city well know for its Biathlon winter sport events, and crossing Parpanpass at 1547m altitude. Quite strange, there is no indication at the summit, just a Postbus stop called “Parpan, Hohe” exists. Nevertheless, the decend towards Chur was great and the view spectacular.

Via Disentis, I followed the Rhine river valley to my first real pass road crossing for today – Oberalppass at 2044m summit altitude.

The up and down drive continued through Andermatt (1400m) and up Furkapass at 2431m towards my personal summit for today. During my decent towards Kanton Wallis, I stopped at the Belvedere (2300m) to take some pictures of the Rhone glacier. Quite impressive how much got lost of it since I have been there for the first time in the late 1980s. I still remember seeing the glacier in front of me. Today, you need to look closely uphill to find some rests of it. In the photos, you can clearly see where the glacier was 20-30 years ago.

After having lunch in a nice restaurant next to the young Rhone river just after the main Furka pass descent, I continued to drive along the Rhone valley, not missing a great view on Leuk Earth Station on the northern hills above the town and taking a stop at Goms’ suspension bridge. I took the challenge and crossed it in both directions. What an experience – just being supported by six centimeter thick wooden planks and six steel cords, 90 meters above the Rhone river, swinging in the wind and by the rhythm of the people walking over it.

After passing Sion, turning right, I continued following the Rhone valley up to Monthey. Then I climbed Morgins Pass to 1369m summit altitude, crossing the border to France and arriving at Chatel – still at 1220m above sea level.

After a good french style dinner – Aperitif, three course meal with wine, Digestif – I slept very well and woke up refreshed in the next morning.