Return to Rambouillet after 3279km

by bretzelitos

Today, I have decided to return to Rambouillet, mainly to look after my two cats Luna and Nera. I left Chatel after a good Savoy breakfast and drove down to Evian.

I still remember my good friend from the US telling me if you think that Evian is better water than any other, read its name backwards and that is what you are… ;-). But for sure, Evian is a nice and expensive place at the southern shores of Lake Geneva with a marvelous view to the Jura mountains in Switzerland and its surroundings. Luckily, I got a small parking place for Bretzelmobil and was able to take some pictures.

After this short stop, I followed the lake shores down to Annemasse where I joined A40. Passing on to A6 and A19, I took the exit at Pithiviers – paying EUR49.80 for using the autoroute network – and joined Rambouillet happily after 3279 kilometers.