Etretat, Fecamp, Dieppe, Rambouillet – 3774km

by bretzelitos

I woke up at 0830 after having been interrupted several times in the night – the worst was the community waste collection truck at 0320 at night passing through with its noisy diesel engine. As I slept with open windows to enjoy the lovely salty seaside air, this got amplified a lot.

After taking my usual morning toiletry and having breakfast in the hotel, French style, I decided to have a look after Bretzelmobil immediately. That parking place, I thought, was not really a good one to let it sleep there overnight. But, as always when you are more cautious than necessary, my fears were not reasonable.

So I checked out of the hotel and decided to start driving right away as the weather was cloudy now with patches of rain. As one of my work colleagues suggested earlier to consider also Dieppe as possible one-day-trip-to-the-sea target, I decided to go there and have a look, stopping shortly at Fecamp on the way.

Dieppe has the size of Rambouillet approximately and is spread out along the seaside, including sea harbour with ferry lines to the UK and some remains of castle fortresses close to the ever present white cliffs in this region. Parking places are easily available, directly at the beach which consists also of pebbles.

After having lunch at the Casino restaurant with a nice view over the beach and a little walk on the promenade with some really dark clouds around, I took Bretzelmobil to drive back to Rambouillet via Rouen and the A13. After Rouen, the weather got really worse and it started to rain cats and dogs. Not easy to drive on A13 – especially as many drivers did not select the right lighting for this type of weather – from full scale fog lights with high beam in front to nothing at all. Once you have to put up your hand in front of your face not to get the bright light mirrored from everywhere into your eyes, next time you just need to avoid a car appearing out of nothing behind the spray of a lorry with no lights in use at all – just in time, luckily not too late.

Back here in Rambouillet, I had a nice dinner at home and started cleaning up my flat.