Interrail 2018

by bretzelitos

This year, vacation times are somehow different. We do not really go by plane on long distance. Neither taking Bretzelmobil through Europe, nor going for a package tour.

The reason is INTERRAIL.

That is a program that is put up in cooperation with all standard old school train companies throughout Europe and eventually put to market by an Irish company providing European travel passes to any European citizens exploring Europe – outside of their home country. Different prices for different traveler age, days of travel and selected country programs.

The all-over offered price for the ticket is interestingly low in comparison what you are able to do with it. So for me, as an interested train enthusiast, this is all I ever wanted. Actually, I thought since long time that this type of ticket is only available for young people up to 26 years. After seeing that it is also available for adults… no chance not get it. It has just been a must for my son and myself.

Little Bretzel travels on a 8 day per month plan this summer, while Bretzelito takes chances by doing the hard stuff travel program all the way down the path with a 15 days continuous ticket – means at the end: 15 days, 15 cities.

Have a look now what we both have been able to see during our trip!