Day Three – Budapest to Munich

by bretzelitos


After a normal fast checkout proceeding, I went with all my stuff to the Keleti Pu train station in Budapest. Loads of international people were already waiting to board any of the trains going to places in Hungary – and some to Austria and Germany for the Railjet connection to Munich.

Business Class – as I have booked it – was empty. I had a compartment all for myself for close to the whole trip.

There was some misunderstanding for the reservation of places for a Quebec couple just next to my area – I helped out with some french language, you cannot imagine how positively they appreciated the help. Some French language they have not heard for days was really something which calmed them down a bit – after being forced to pay extra for Business class rather than having just a first class ticket.

The ride was smooth and without any serious delay up to Munich. I have to say that this train service was one of the best I have ever had in my life, even Thalys from Cologne to Paris in first class has not been as good as this one.

I had lunch by internet order via OEBB Railnet. It was delivered, including the wine (Gemischter Satz) just 20 minutes after the order without any questions. Later I had also some dessert – I know… the one Little Bretzel can never refrain of. Heisser Apfelstrudel with Vanilla sauce. It was just super excellent.

I arrived in time, on the minute, in Munich Central Station and thought about taking the path directly towards the hotel by foot. Not even half down the platform, an Italian guy asked me how to get to his destination… no English, no Spanish… but French! So I took him to the places he needed to go, I had time, so no worries. He just said: Che cazzo, mille grazie. Happy to have helped one stranded in communication, I smiled and went through the central pedestrian area straight to my hotel – not forgetting about the obligatory post cards for Ruth and Helga.

After checking in, I shortly refreshed myself and went straight to Hofbraeuhaus.

I took a table with unknown people – as usual. Two young guys were sitting opposite of myself – Boehmer and Nuebbel. We had several beers together until one of the guys just disappeared. I reckon that our number of jointly drunk liters of beer were a bit too much for them. They eventually disappeared without paying. Not the real good way of celebrating Bavarian beer culture.

Nevertheless, nobody asked me to cope with the damage. Perhaps, the guys can do something after being recognized in this blog’s pictures.

Just when thinking about to leave the site, I heard some Spanish language confusion about the menu on a table next to myself. I helped the guys, they invited me to sit down immediately. I found out that all of them were Spanish – but from different regions. Malaga, Madrid and Bilbao. It was amazed to see the shiny eyes of the Basque couple when I said “ON EGIN” for cheering with the beer. They invited me for another glass immediately – one litre of dark beer!

I had a short walk afterwards and decided to see my favorite Shisha bar here in Munich. With two glasses of mint tea, I enjoyed like a little cat.

Afterwards, I took a taxi back to my hotel place – time to write for my blog.