Day Five – Amsterdam to Binz

by bretzelitos

I did a little stunt today in comparison with the other travel plans in the past and future. I changed trains in a non-hub train station with no plan B behind. But, helas, as you say, this time everything went just well and without any issue. Lucky me.

However… the service on the second train was absolutely crap. No restaurant coach on the train at all and the mini bar man came by just once in six hours of travel. But this time, Bretzelito had gathered experience already – which worked out very well.

When changing in Osnabrueck, I had a planned stop for 40 minutes, I just went out of the train station to send some post cards and to rack up two sandwiches and two bottles of water. So I had a good quantity of food and drink to survive the next train ride – whatever would happen.

Company on the train was just really great this time. On the first leg, I have been with a charming Dutch family going to Berlin and a Dutch Father and Son trip playing chess during the ride. I was watching without saying any comments. Unfortunately, the son missed out on a good occasion to dominate his dad and ran into a dead spiral by coincidence. Eventually, it was just one plunder move that turned the whole game upside down. On the second leg, I was with a Swiss family going to have vacation on Ruegen and with two elder ladies of some social reputation – one having published books about social people acceptance and having worked in- and outside governmental environments, for example with Rita Suessmuth, a lady that I recognize as one of the most capable politicians in Germany. As you can imagine, we had very good and fruitful discussions.

Arriving in Binz, I took my room first, followed by refreshing myself. Then I took the obligatory swim in the Baltic Sea – and it was just super fantastic.

After dinner, sending the usual postcards and taking several photos during three walk-arounds, I retired after having Stoertebeker Dark beer in my hotel. I have to underline that any of their staff has been very helpful, charming and solution orientated as I have not found it in any of the past hotels. I have to recommend ARKONA STRANDHOTEL without any question.

Now enjoy my photos taken earlier today.