Day Ten – Prague to Nuremberg

by bretzelitos

After a good night’s sleep in the Falkensteiner Hotel close to Prague Central Station, I woke up around 0730 and had an opulent breakfast. After doing some work that was due after the change of the month, I joined the trains again.

I found out that another train connection would put me one hour quicker to Nuremberg, but on a different train routing via Plzen and Furth im Wald and not via Cheb and Marktredwitz.

I decided to take this train and just some minutes after, it started moving. Until Schwandorf in der Oberpfalz, the Czechske Drahy Express train destination, I have been the only person in the compartment. In Plzen, we changed from electrical to diesel powered locomotives.

Unfortunately, due to some track construction works in the area of Plzen, we got some delay that made it impossible for me to reach the direct connection to Nuremberg right away – I needed to wait 50 minutes for the next Regional Express. Time to eat something and to send postcards indeed 🙂

The following RE arrived in time – under diesel traction – and brought its passengers with up to 160 kmh towards Nuremberg. In one of the train stations before I reached my final destination, my train was combined with the one coming from Cheb – so I did not have any time advantage anymore.

In Nuremberg, I arrived in time – in sunny weather and 34 degrees outside temperature. This was quite impressive. So I went to the MARITIM hotel close-by to Hauptbahnhof, took some refreshments and started my walk through the old town area of Nuremberg.

The pretty large old part of Nuremberg’s city center reaches back to the 12th and 13th century, house facades and city wall armory – such as city wall and its joint towers – are in very good state. It also needs to be noted that there are loads of technical and historical museums in town that are worth a visit.

Especially interesting in the old town area is the part between Handwerkerhof and the main market place with its gothic well and church arrangement.

For sure, this doesn’t mean anything without having original 12 Nuremberg Bratwursts on a tin plate with potato salad, a dark beer – and a bretzel 🙂

So please have a look at the photos and enjoy – as I did – the time in Nuremberg.