Day Thirteen – Freiburg to Luxembourg

by bretzelitos

Yesterday, I took for the first time during this journey a regional train for a longer distance – and I tempted to change trains twice. I have to say, this time, everything went well and trains have been on time.

First, I took an ICE from Freiburg to Mannheim – running up to 250 kmh and having a Swiss lady opposite to me who was traveling to Bonn for a symposium about the right use of nutrition – and being tested about it accordingly. We had a very interesting talk about anything and the world – but most of the time, the lady was occupied with reading in her book about the topic being tested upon.

Second, I took the Regional Express train from Mannheim to Trier via Kaiserslautern and Saarbruecken. This was quite an interesting ride. First through the Upper Rhine Valley, then the climb through the Palatinate mountain hills, the decent to the Saar valley through its curves up to the mouth of the Saar close to Trier.

Third, the Regional Express train from Trier to Luxembourg – operated by CFL, the Luxembourgian train carrier.

After arriving in Luxembourg, I took my hotel room in the Best Western Hotel close to the train station and started my walk though the Upper city of Luxembourg. I took loads of photos of official governmental offices and their surroundings, churches, views and shops – just have a look and enjoy the pictures.

The weather was absolutely fine, so I had time to roam around quite a bit before taking dinner at VAPIANO and having a Turkish Tea in an Arabian bar afterwards.