Day Fourteen – Luxembourg to Wilhelmshaven

by bretzelitos

At the end of the trip, you think that you are more experienced now and you try out different things that might work – or not. In this case, everything went well without any issue. Only a small re-planning of train connections, everything else – super fine.

I changed trains three times yesterday and I took a very long distance with a Regional Express train from Trier to Cologne.

I planned everything as such that I have a cool start at a quarter to 10 from Luxembourg. However, I woke up early and decided to go an hour early as well… having one more hour time in Wilhelmshaven or if anything might go wrong.

On the connection between Luxembourg and Trier, I have been alone in the First class coach. In Trier, I stepped into the RE train to Cologne through the Eifel mountain hills. It went from 130 meters altitude up to 560 meters close to Dahlemer Binz and down again to 60 meters in Cologne. In this train I had an interesting person to talk to – I helped her in Trier as she was suffering from an acute lumbago attack and wasn’t really able to move a lot – and for sure not able to carry her suitcase. So she did loads of gymnastic exercises to lessen her pain in front of me – I think even some Kegel exercises were in it. When approaching Cologne, the train got fuller and fuller, so loads of other people joined. At the end, we had a discussion about refugees – accepting them or not, integrating them or not. Indeed it is quite a hot topic in Germany in these days. Luckily, as far as I am able to see it here in Germany, people just do not follow others by free will, think and make their decision then, questioning the position of others. The most important part is, and that was the overall consensus out of this conversation, not to be driven by fear somebody else tell us about.

In Cologne, I changed trains to an Intercity to Bremen Hbf. I got a nice place close to the restaurant car, but nobody around to talk to – no worries. The blond girl next to me – a typical German type 4 character, I reckon –  was too much in watching her own model photo shooting pictures and suffering a lot when watching them – this is not the right colour, this does not underline her core beauty, this not individual enough… Thank you for not talking with me, I have appreciated it.

From Bremen to Wilhelmshaven, I have been alone again in my compartment and was able to enjoy the East Frisian countryside very well.

After arriving in Wilhelmshaven, I decided to walk to the hotel that has been 800m away from the main station. Once again, big mistake… the thunderstorm came closer and decided on its own to give me a good shower – or at least tried to do so.

As 1700 is still the time for “Kaffee und Kuchen”, I found a coffee house just when it started to pour down massively. Nice stop, nice coffee and nice pastry.

After a short while, I continued to the hotel, dropped my luggage and started my walk around the old war harbour sites in Wilhelmshaven. I had dinner in BANTER RUINE (I took a Fried Sole with Potatos and North Sea Shrimps) which was absolutely excellent – and not only the food was superb, but also the customer service and the humor of the bar tenders. I enjoyed it a lot.

Then I continued my walk and saw the sea – finally again. After a nice evening beer in the restaurant “Le Patron”, I closed the evening and returned to the hotel.

Please enjoy – as I did taking them – my photos.