Sven and Andreas' vacations – Published for friends at Wordpress :)

Day 3: Stay in Hamburg

Just after 9am, we decided to start the day with a nice breakfast in our hotel “Europaeischer Hof” in Hamburg. No buffet, but still a vast choice – just delivered to our table by the charming servants of the breakfast team. We took regional cold cuts, eggs with bacon and Earl Grey tea from a local dealer.

It was raining during the night, however, with the increasing sunlight over the day, the clouds disappeared gradually turning a gray morning in a day with blue skies and a lot of sunshine.

After breakfast, we took the U4 to the new “Hafen City” quarter to visit the International Maritime Museum. It is located in one of the old quay warehouses that has been converted for different use. On display are a lot of things, clothes, medals, photographs and weapons used in maritime trade or conflict. The museum is so big that we needed to leave after six floors of high quality input. We just decided to come back another time to see the rest of the great collection.

We completed the museum visit with lunch in one of its restaurant called “Catch of the Day”. It was absolutely excellent – marinated tuna steak with yellow curry rice in vegetables.

Afterwards, we just took a walk towards the Elbe river again – when we came by some offers to go on a “Hafenrundfahrt” – a tour through the port of Hamburg by a small ship. It was different in comparison as the small “barkasse” type of boat went around in a large circle clockwise through the different parts of the quays and terminals. We came very close to some container ships, freighters and war ships – really interesting. Close to the end of our tour, we heard one of the AIDA cruise ships signalling three times as it started moving from its parking towards the Hamburg’s cruise ship terminal with the help of two very powerful tugs.

After a little bit more than one hour, we rejoined the “Landungsbruecken” area again and decided to see the “Schanzenviertel”, a quarter of Hamburg in which alternative life style is very popular. We surrounded the former theater house “FLORA” that is occupied by squatters since many years and let us inspire by some of its ideas.

We took the S-Bahn then back to the Hauptbahnhof area where we had dinner in the PAULANER restaurant inside the block of our hotel. That was very tasty, including the hot applestrudel which we shared as dessert. We are definetely looking forward to visit some beer garden in Munich in some days.

We called it a day after finishing the delightful meal – looking forward to our trip to Berlin tomorrow.


Day 2: Obernburg – Aschaffenburg – Frankfurt – Hamburg

After a good breakfast at my dad’s house, we started our first daytrip inside Germany. We left Obernburg-Elsenfeld station at 10:17. This time, we needed to change trains twice on our way to Hamburg in the North of Germany – in Aschaffenburg and eventually in Frankfurt where we took the high speed ICE towards Hamburg. The Intercity Express train we took was an ICE-4 type – the newest model in the family of trains with Deutsche Bahn.

The trip was comfortable and uneventful – we played cards, had lunch and arrived in Hamburg with a minimal delay at 15:35.

We checked in at the hotel “Europaeischer Hof”, just close to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof towards the East in the city quarter St. Georg. It is a well equipped 4-star hotel. We got a room with a view – and a balcony in the fourth floor. We also got free HVV-tickets for local transport during our stay – organised by the hotel. A very comfortable travel option inside Hamburg indeed!

After refreshing ourselves, we decided go for a walk towards “Landungsbruecken”, the touristical part of the port of Hamburg. Loads of people were around this place on this beautiful Sunday afternoon evening.

We had dinner in Hamburg’s “Hard Rock Cafe” with a lovely glass of beer and a nice view from its terrace. One large ship passed by on the Elbe river, a 200 meter car transporter, operated by GRIMALDI.

Later on, we continued our walk in a circle via Reeperbahn, Fischmarkt and Hafenstrasse to the U-Bahn stop “Landungsbruecken”. From there, we took the U3 back to Hauptbahnhof and enjoyed a nice Gin Tonic at our hotel bar to close the day. It did not feel like it – but we have been walking close to 14 km through the city.

More to come from Hamburg tomorrow!