Day 5: Potsdam Castle Sanssouci and its surroundings

by bretzelitos

Today, we have dedicated our visit in the Berlin area to a historic site of Prussia and its kings Friedrich and Friedrich Wilhelm. We took the S-Bahn from Berlin Zoo to Potsdam Hbf, followed by a 20 minutes bus ride to castle Sanssouci.

Unfortunately, the CoViD contigent of possible entries for the castle was already sold out, however, for the other attractions around, we were able to get our tickets, including the “Neues Palais”. The Gardens are anyhow free to visit.

Sanssouci has been meant to be the answer of King Friedrich of Prussia to the castle of Versailles by the French emperor. So, knowingly and carefully planned, some rooms, picture collections, halls and garden architectures were meant to be more splendid and pompous in comparison. This was reached punctually, but not overall. Nevertheless, the environment and its landscape architecture is a MUST SEE when visiting the Berlin area.

Words do not really fit when describing the beauty of the site in its Rokoko style, so I let loads of picture speak and explain the story.

After the visit in Potsdam, we took the train back to Berlin Zoo, had dinner on the terrace (with a little visitor looking at us) and finished the day in a nearby Irish Pub.

Tomorrow, we will continue our trip towards Dresden.