Interrail 2021 – Trip V3.0

by bretzelitos

Here we go again… in July 2021 for two weeks. Once again, RAMMSTEIN in Trondheim, Norway, was our planned destination…

It was… Yes, it was…

Once again, the concert was cancelled due to the Corona uncertainties worldwide.

But no matter, we go on our 15 days trip anyhow. It is absolutely a beautiful thing, this flexibility of an INTERRAIL ticket. In December 2020, we got a great offer with discount for a 15 day Global ticket in 1st class – it was really a no-brainer just to buy it.

So we have happily chosen Germany as target destination this year and laid out a plan, knowing about the Corona restrictions and the difficulty of travelling in these days. Nevertheless, all of us got vaccinated, documented in our WHO vaccination documents and the French Electronic Vaccination passports already which should open the doors for travel even further.

The following cities or locations are planned to be visited:

  • Obernburg
  • Hamburg
  • Island of Rügen
  • Leipzig
  • Weimar
  • Bamberg
  • Bremen
  • Münster
  • Cologne
  • Karlsruhe

As you can see, this time, we try to step away from the large streams of people visiting the German touristic cities. But we have chosen somewhat unknown jewels of German history and beauty.

Once again, we have booked our hotels via happily. Also this time, we paid attention that we have a one-day before cancellation policy and nothing prepaid. Security first, we have to say – in these days, you can’t be cautious enough in travel planning.

So stay tuned for another chapter of trip reports from Europe, this time from lovely Germany!