Tomorrow is the day!

by bretzelitos

Suitcases are packed, cats are taken care of, the fridge is empty – and we can’t wait to get going!

Finally two weeks of vacation after a pretty strong year – and finally the end of our second confinement after 9 months of being at home.

Saturday morning, same as last year… it is the 0645 train which we will take from Rambouillet train station to Paris Montparnasse as first ride of our trip this year.

We plan to use exactly the same connection to Obernburg as we have done in 2020 – TGV from Paris Est to Frankfurt, ICE to Aschaffenburg and a little Regional service to Obernburg-Elsenfeld.

But in comparison with last year, a lot of things are different:

  • We are fully vaccinated thanks to Pfizer – Biontech
  • We are Antigen tested this evening – both negative
  • We have our European Vaccination Passport installed on our mobile phones applications – French and German. All vaccinations and tests have been imported and are electronically available

These things were neither available last year.

Just under eight hours to go… we are looking forward so much to having a great time, seeing beautiful things and sharing them here with you – our valued blog readers!