Day 10: Bamberg – Bremen

by bretzelitos

Waking up in Bamberg City Center was some sort of brutal this morning. Exactly at 07:02 in the morning, a City Cleaning troop started to service the flowers on the Regnitz bridge. Shouldn’t be a problem, I would like to say in general – if the guys would not have operated a petrol consuming water pump on their service vehicle, five meters away from our hotel room. From silence in dreams to a horrendous and unstandable noise in a second… and it ran the whole two hours just underneath the hotel windows. Just terrible organisation by the city authorities and not a very good advertisement of Bamberg that just welcomes back their tourists. Just an advice: Doing this job from 10 to 12 would have been advisable. You just don’t do it in the core city center at this time.

After a good breakfast, we took a walk through Bamberg’s old town. Church influence, Christianity and Catholicism is ever present in town – monuments, house decorations, fountains speak a lot about this in Northern Bavaria’s episcopal city. It definitely has its charme and due to minimal destruction in World War 2, the core inner city is well preserved, it is worthwhile taking pictures at every corner.

After checking out, we walked towards the Central train station to take our train to Bremen. Changing trains twice on such a trip with pretty tight change schedules is always a bit risky – but we made it eventually, even on time.

Our hotel in Bremen has been the PARKHOTEL, located in the city park, just North of the Central train station. As we planned to stay in Bremen for two nights, we booked a suite – and got a super marvellous room, the ‘Shanghai Suite’ in the main building.

We reserved a nice dinner table in the RATSKELLER of Bremen where we had – once again – a lovely table in a separee room that had still the old decor and intimate feeling of the Hanse days, a very lovely place.

After the dinner, we walked back to the hotel and finished the day in our suite – opening a bottle of wine on the balcony, enjoying the great time and ambiance that our room presented to us.

Two videos from the Regnitz bridge in Bamberg: