Day 11: Having a Rest Day in Bremen

by bretzelitos

The spa facilities of PARK HOTEL in Bremen were open – a very nice surprise for us as many others of hotels in different federal countries of Germany had to be closed due to the Corona pandemic.

So we decided to take a rest day in the hotel spa. The SPA’RKS environment in our hotel was absolutely magnificent. It offered several fitness, training and sports rooms with machines and sport appliances as well as the Pool and Sauna area. The outdoor pool has been 20 meters long and contained different water massage applications that the users were able to activate themselves.

The best of all was the Sauna environment – typically for Germany to be used without any clothes on, only a large sauna towel is required (provided for free by the friendly hotel staff). It had two steam baths and two saunas. Additionally, we had quiet resting areas and feet baths available. Due to sanitary distancing rules, the jacuzzi and the snow chamber had to be closed unfortunately. You can imagine that we enjoyed it like little purring cats. As you can understand, we took no photos in this environment.

In the evening, we went out for a walk after reserving a table in a tapas bar in the Schnoor quarter of Bremen. The AIOLI restaurant offered a great selection of Spanish food and drinks that was very enjoyable and of good quality. The restaurant owner – from the Netherlands – was very kind and served us personally together with his international team. We enjoyed our stay very much and will certainly come back, a very nice place indeed.

On our walk back to the hotel, we decided to  follow the Weser river northbound and turn right after the train bridge into the direction of our hotel. We were passing some new office quarters and eventually the park north of the central train station.

What a nice Rest Day in Bremen – spontaneous decisions are simply great if they work out as such!

One video of a train passing the Weser bridge: